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Soul Tuning with IFS

Find clarity 


About Me

My Name is Liz, I have over 30 years experience as a general and mental nurse and CBT/ EMDR therapist in the NHS. I am highly experienced in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I also have trained extensively in understanding and treating trauma with the latest knowledge there is about how trauma affects body and mind such as somatic experiencing and Polyvagal theory.

About You

You are probably doing quite well in your life in many ways. 

Yet does there seem to be a lack of connection or a tension in you, like parts of you disagree with each other and get in the way of whatever you try to do? You may find these parts baffling and feel ashamed of them.


Feeling of unworthiness 

Worrying about the future

Trust issues

Compulsive or risky behaviour patterns

Imposter syndrome 

What Clients Say

Thank you for being part of my soul journey Liz, couldn’t have gone forward without you. Liz is wonderful to talk to. Deeply perceptive she works on all levels, physical, emotional and soul. She very quickly sees what you need and adapts her vast treasure chest of knowledge and tools to each unique person.



“The Tarot in itself is an attempt at representing the constituents of the flow of the unconscious, and therefore it is applicable for an intuitive method that has the purpose of understanding the flow of life.”

Carl Jung

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