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About Me

Over many years I have developed 2 strands to my skills and practice:


  •  I have over 30 years experience as a general and mental nurse and CBT/ EMDR therapist in the NHS. I am highly experienced in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I also have trained extensively in understanding and treating trauma with the latest knowledge there is about how trauma affects body and mind such as somatic experiencing and Polyvagal theory.

  • Plus I have extensive skills and experience in practices, therapies and modalities outside the NHS’s remit - shamanic practice, hypnotherapy, EFT and energy therapies, TA, Tarot, working with ancestors, evidential mediumship, Reiki, working with Jungian archetypes and synchronicity.



What is it really that effects lasting growth and change? Is there more to us than  body and mind? What happens when we start to listen deeply to our bodies and the universe and to drop our tidy paradigms? What is the point of life and what is happiness? I have long been asking myself these questions and exploring how best to blend my skills and knowledge to produce the best results for each unique person I am working with.


And then I discovered IFS! Internal family systems therapy. IFS is a wonderful model that brings together so much wisdom from other modalities including the more left-field ones. It is taking the world of therapy by storm. It works simply, elegantly and kindly. Perhaps best of all is its philosophy that all of our internal parts are welcome and that we are not broken. 


I have been using IFS for the last 4 years in addition to other therapy techniques and I am Level  1 qualified. 


I choose to major in IFS now in my private practice as it proves to be the kindest, most effective and creative way for me to help most people.


The latest  fruit of my many years of learning and practice is my Tarot/IFS consultation model - Soul Tuning.


My Philosophy

What happens in a Soul Tuning Tarot IFS consultation ?


I use Tarot cards as a rapid route to finding and mapping deep issues. Often the things that cause us most trouble are like icebergs with the greater parts hidden from view. Tarot helps us access Self energy and intuition to see the hidden parts quickly and clearly.  


Then I use IFS and other wisdom traditions together with you to get a detailed understanding of what your Parts are struggling with and then we work out what to do next to help you meet your needs.


A consultation is quite intensive and detailed and takes around 2 1/2 to 3 hours . So we usually allow about 3 1/2  hours including a break in the middle.


A Soul Tuning session is designed as a stand-alone intervention. You will have plenty to work with for a few weeks or months from one session. So you see it can provide more autonomy and be more affordable than weekly therapy. You can come back as many times as you like. It is entirely up to you.

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