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Jessica Dore, 

Howard Brockman - author of, Dynamic Energetic Healing

Deb Dana and Stephen Porges -  author of, polyvagal theory in therapy

Bernardo Kastrup - author of, Why materialism is baloney

Russ Harris - author of, The Happiness Trap

Michael Harner - author of, The cave and the Cosmos

Liz Greene - author of, The mythic journey

C G  Jung,

Gwyneth Moss, - EFT trainer

Dick Schwartz - author of, Internal Family Systems Therapy

Nancy Sowell, - IFS trainer

Richard Bennett, - ACT trainer

Patrick Harpur - author of, The philosopher’s secret fire

Daniel Schuster - mediumship trainer

Laurel Parnell - author of, Attachment focussed EMDR

Lisa Marchiano - author of, Motherhood

Gillian Allnutt, - poet and creative writing tutor

Scott D Miller - author of, The Heroic Client,

Helen Joyce - author of, Trans

Michael Patterson - EMDR trainer

Therese McGoldrick, - EMDR and EFT trainer

Anne Baring - author of, The myth of the goddess

Sr Frances Dominica Ritchie - book - Just my reflection

 Vidyamala Burch - author of, Living well with pain and illness Rumi, 

Chris Luttichau - author of, Calling us home

 Bessel van der Kolk - author of, the body keeps the score

Marshall Rosenberg - author of, Non violent communication

 Linda Fitch - shamanic healing trainer

 Roshi Joan Halifax - author of, Power of Compassion

Jordan Peterson - author of, Maps of Meaning

Pat Ogden - author of, Sensorimotor psychotherapy 

Peter Levine - author of, Waking the tiger, 

Chimamanda Adichie - author of, Dear Ijeawele,

 Andy Hunt, - EFT and NLP trainer

Wilf Proudfoot - Hypnotherapy trainer

JK Rowling, 

Dan Segal - author of,  Mindsight

Janina Fisher - author of, Healing the fragmented selves of trauma survivors 

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