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Is Tarot IFS Fusion for you?

You are not broken. You may have parts, who despite their truly good intentions for you, are locked in old conflicting patterns of perception and  behaviour. This leads to vicious circles we cannot see our way out of because our parts are stuck in their patterns. They are stuck in the past. We keep doing what we always did and getting what we always got. And then we feel stupid and give ourselves a hard time for that too!


Parts’ stuckness usually originate in trauma,  often when we were very young. Sometimes trauma is obvious like violence, abuse, abandonment or circumstances like war, accidents, injuries,  illness or otherwise almost dying. Other times trauma is more subtle but no less devastating. Whenever a child feels alone, shamed, blamed, confused,  ignored, neglected, not enough, not good enough that can set parts into lifetime patterns that they see as ways to protect us from further harm but actually end up in more difficulties like the examples in my questionnaire.


What our parts need is an update. They need to know that there is now an adult in the room for them (your Self) and that this adult can be relied on to understand, accompany and help no matter what. We all have a Self. It does not need to be created or mended. Only uncovered from beneath the frantic parts and their anxieties. 


This is what Internal Family Systems Therapy does.

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This stuff is very painful and can really get in the way of us having a rich and fulfilling life. It is also very normal.

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